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Before the interview


Talent Solutions



Finding the right people to join your team, takes valuable time, energy and resources. In addition, finding your ideal talent often turns into a bigger effort than originally planned; and that is, of course, if you are even able to find the “ideal” individual(s). So, what does the “right candidate” look like? At EPICA, our approach is unique. The best candidates are so much more than just satisfying a list of required skills and accomplishments. Our consultants treat people with care and respect; and like the humans they are!

We take every care and attention to better understand You; Your business; Your culture, (both business and personal); Your circumstances; Your wants and needs, etc; to ensure the greatest chance of success for you and everyone you work with. This is about quality people and quality relationships.

Our consultants follow these steps:

  1. Vision & Goal-Setting

  2. Business Process Design

  3. Requirement Solicitation & Market Intelligence

  4. Implementation & Analysis

Vision & Goal-Setting

We work with your executive and HR leadership to understand the overarching business needs and objectives; and align the project, deliverables and desired outcomes.

Business Process Design

We draw from your business successes, both past and present, and bring your team to alignment on the right future vision and processes to improve ROI to the business.

Requirement Solicitation & Market Intelligence

We know the right questions to ask to get you the best possible results. We will quantify your requirements and provide non-bias intelligence on the solution landscape to help you make informed decisions that make sense for your company. 

Implementation and Analysis

After you select a Talent Solution, we can help you accurately scope an implementation project and design any necessary cutover plans.

Understanding how new processes and solutions will impact your business before implementation can help you build a business case for change. We analyze your company’s needs and ability to change, and calculate the anticipated ROI, providing you the information necessary to ensure budget and resources to deliver successfully.


The ultimate validation of employment success is whether the on-boarding talent and strategic changes endure and produce long-term benefits.

Our consultants understand that every business is unique. EPICA carefully assess organizational opportunities and respond with specialized support and solutions to ensure talent sourcing and successful incorporation.

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