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EPICA helps to create safe and inspiring workplaces; where EVERYONE matters; feels valued; and can develop to their full potential.

The world, (including our own personal realities), is full of challenge and opportunity every day. Environmentally, Socially, economically; circumstances are ever changing. We will enjoy more success in our professional and personal lives, as we can better recognize, appreciate and evolve with these everyday experiences.

It is this “EVERYDAY” understanding that sets EPICA apart; and ensures more moments of individual and organizational triumph.


Our consultants will help you and those you work with, better identify, understand and accelerate necessary advancements within the company structure and its talent; through our unique “Everyday” approach to:

  • Individual Support

  • Executive Coaching

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Individual Support

What happens when an employee’s work-life equation just doesn’t add up? Too often its results in an individual looking for a new job or leaving the workforce altogether. Life is about having joy and happiness. Being parents or a care giver whilst you are also working and building a career, should be an option to you, if you so desire it. You should not have to choose between family and career. You can have both.

Our consultants will help you recognize there is far more support and choice available to you. You will gain a clearer perspective in moments that matter. Through planning, strategizing and better management, you will discover alternate ways to problem solve. 

Executive Coaching

EPICA give business leaders the support they need to be the leaders they need to be.

Our consultants help company leadership gain a deeper understanding of who they are, who their colleagues are, and how to effectively use the gained perspective(s) and understanding(s) to build better environments of trust, support and belonging; that leads to greater togetherness, engagement and performance.

EPICA help company leaders upskill to better support their workforce, especially in moments of life-changing transition. Leaders will be better examples, more understanding and more competent. They will be able to better support whilst minimalizing business disruption and increasing positive impacts on the wider team.

Most negative interactions in the workplace occur due to ignorance, insecurity and/or pride. It can be a particularly damaging scenario when this results in an individual permanently leaving the workplace. Most of the time, these moments that often lead to individual/company separation is unnecessary and avoidable.

Our consultants will help your new and future leaders explore how to be present for themselves and their team. Develop skills and prepare them for their next role with confidence. We assist your valued talent work out the next best steps for their career; and for individuals at a career crossroads and those who need clarity on their goals and options. We help leaders make strong early impact in their new role, and for them to coach those they lead, to create strategies to thrive personally and professionally. 

Diversity & Inclusion


How inclusive are you?

EPICA consultants will coach you on to how to recognize and develop a true inclusive work environment and culture; and how to lead by example. We will assist you to provide leadership opportunities and development support for diverse talent. We will coach you on how to better support mis-represented and under-represented individuals. We will help you to be comfortable to have the uncomfortable conversations, that need to be had.

Being comfortable and confident in who you are and feeling like you belong, is simply a fundamental principle. Simply, we all deserve to feel that. There is much to become aware of and learn; however, it doesn’t take much for you or any individual you work with to feel more included; no matter who they are, or where they are from. We ALL have value and belong.

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